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Who is Engage Iowa?

Engage Iowa: Research Based, Pragmatic, Common Sense Solutions

Engage Iowa exists to craft research based, pragmatic, common sense solutions that will move our state forward by bringing rural and urban Iowans together to modernize the tax code, build great schools and protect our environment.

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Tax and Environmental Policy

How can we modernize our tax code to help working families, attract great jobs, and generate innovation?

Is it possible to craft policies that grow our economy, create exciting employment opportunities, AND preserve our God-given natural resources?

These are just some of the questions Engage Iowa is looking to tackle head on. But we need YOUR help to do it!

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It’s Time To Engage!

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Crafting bold, new solutions for Iowa’s future is only half the battle. We need the resources and support of people like you to bring these ideas to life. Contribute to Engage Iowa today and help us put these common-sense, conservative solutions to work for our state and communities.

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