About Engage Iowa

Who We Are:
Engage Iowa is a conservative, freedom-focused think tank and policy incubator. Created by Iowans for Iowa, Engage Iowa is bringing together the brightest minds and leaders from across our state.

We exist to craft research based, pragmatic, common sense solutions that will move our state forward by bringing rural and urban Iowans together to modernize the tax code, build great schools and protect our environment.

Why Now?
For too long liberal think tanks have dominated Iowa’s public policy debate. This creates the mistaken impression that liberals are the only group with new ideas.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Liberals in Iowa, and across the nation, continue to repackage and roll out the same Big Government schemes that have been failing us for decades.

Isn’t it time we had real choice in the market place of ideas? Isn’t it time Iowans heard solutions based on more freedom, and not more government? Isn’t it time for a conservative driven think tank?

We think so.

About Ron Corbett:
Engage Iowa is led by former speaker of the Iowa house Ron Corbett, an innovative entrepreneur and business leader who, as mayor, led Cedar Rapids’ recovery from one of the worst natural disasters in Iowa’s history.


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