In the early days of our nation, Daniel Webster warned us that the power to tax is also the power to destroy. If they are too high, if they are too complicated, and if they are put on the wrong things; taxes stifle innovation, kill jobs, and eradicate prosperity.

Engage Iowa is working to modernize and simplify Iowa’s tax code so that our state becomes a beacon of innovation and growth, while reducing the tax burden on working families.

Iowa’s agriculture is the backbone of our state’s economy. Our farmers help produce the world-class food and much-needed energy that the rest of our nation, and even the world, relies on.

However, Iowans are justifiably concerned about the safety and quality of our water.

The fact is, we do NOT have to choose between strong farms, a vibrant economy, and a safe environment.

Our urban, suburban, and rural areas must partner together to create a clear and sustainable plan to improve water quality in Iowa’s watersheds, lakes, rivers, and streams.

We shouldn’t be fighting one another on this issue. We must come together and find meaningful, workable solutions that help everyone.